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Once upon a time when no one was looking because dark glasses were in that autumn, and no one was listening because the popular music of the time was loud and brassy, the key to life was stolen by two no good good for nothing partners in crime who passed it on with sly winks and too much blusher to the only cat they knew who was up with the jive talk and down with the kids. if all goes to plan she’ll sling it to the back of her knicker drawer and it won’t see the disco lights again, until one day in the winter when the clouds fall like rain and the word on the streets is bring on the black hole, because as everybody knew all along this was only ever just a temporary measure...

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

sing along with me if you will...

(for your singalong information this is the bruce springsteen version and we are all wearing cowboy boots and santa hats.)
“you better not shout, you better not cry,
you better not pout, i’m telling you why,
santa claus is coming to town!”
which is a very good reason not to shout, cry or indeed pout. another good reason is that temporary measure have a brand spankingly new website
www.temporarymeasure.co.uk is even lovlier than ever! and three times more exciting for the following reasons:
reason one it has a lovely virtual shop that you can scroll along and mess around with featuring all the best bits of the real shop (including rabbits, canvases, sofas, china teacups, the shiny coffee machine, music from our very own sycamore sykes and resident shop dog elvis) without the inconvenience of putting up with emma’s interesting waitress skills and the whiny noise that elvis makes when nobody is looking at him.
reason two it is now actually useful as well as being

extraordinarily pretty because it has a shopping basket system and a payment system (on the way!) as all sensible and self respecting websites should.
reason three it has all our delightful new things on including ‘once upon a time when i was a rabbit’ letter writing sets, beautiful new ceramics made in cumbria by caroline nash, our organic cotton baby range with t-shirts, sleepsuits and bibs, the truly festive as can be range of cards, decorations, canvases and shoppers and the best christmas present of all time ever...the temporary measure rabbit kit including absolutely everything you need to make your very own cashmerino rabbit! we also have new patterns for our slouchy berets or if you prefer your presents already made and why wouldn’t you, our whole knitwear range is now online...(well that may be a slight exaggeration i am working on it as we speak! so bear with me and my new technical website know how and i will have it all on there in a jiffy!)
so there my good people i think you will find, are your reasons. let there be no more shouting, crying or pouting from here on in! and if you are heading our way over the snow laden season of good will you will be excited to discover that in the spirit of technological advancement we now have radiators in the shop! if however you are stuck in a snow drift but happen to have access to the internet you can follow the gallery life and tearoom times of temporary measure on twitter http://twitter.com/#%21/onlyeverjusta and in the meantime most importantly of all have yourself a merry little christmas... (judy garland version of course) 


  1. Ooooo, get you - blogging and tweeting :-) Fab to read.

  2. lol, I just realised how confusing this might be...It's Mhairi form Weft using my maiden name!