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Once upon a time when no one was looking because dark glasses were in that autumn, and no one was listening because the popular music of the time was loud and brassy, the key to life was stolen by two no good good for nothing partners in crime who passed it on with sly winks and too much blusher to the only cat they knew who was up with the jive talk and down with the kids. if all goes to plan she’ll sling it to the back of her knicker drawer and it won’t see the disco lights again, until one day in the winter when the clouds fall like rain and the word on the streets is bring on the black hole, because as everybody knew all along this was only ever just a temporary measure...

Sunday, 18 March 2012

and if you really must get married...

this here...

is our new wedding stationery display. and it serves exactly two purposes; one: it is very pretty and two: it shows our customers the kind of stationery we do in a way that doesn't just involve me making my very best 'OH THE HORROR' face when they mention glitter. or hearts. or shiny ribbon.
we have recently been taking on lots more wedding commissions, mainly because our Beautiful new printer is so very capable of printing all kinds of exciting shiz, like tags and place cards and cd covers (cd covers!) but also because ( whispers very quietly in a sheepish manner) i am getting better at talking to people who are getting married. ridiculous yes, but true. 
i'm just not a big fan of the old Formal Occasion. if you can't go to something in wellies or flip flops then i have a great deal of trouble attending at all without a paper bag to control the hyperventilating. it's not that i object to dressing up as an activity in general( but maybe say, just do it on an tuesday to cheer yourself up or because your jeans are in the wash) but i really prefer not having to do it on demand. my lovely big sister once made the mistake of making me be a bridesmaid ( i just juddered writing the word 'bridesmaid' that's how bad it is.) and i thought i did a pretty good job of smiling through it like a great big wedding faker, but i was foiled by the unfortunate fact that i have a face like a bill board. (oh i would pay much, much money for one of those calm, mysterious visages that you tend to find on icy blond women, instead of being a cartoon animation!) so as shameful as it is, all my sister's wedding photographs feature a scowling angst-ridden-rebel-without-a-cause. in a very pretty dress. 
don't get me wrong i am no cynic, i am the head cheerleader for Team Love, shaking my pom poms with all the pep available to someone born outside of the usa. but when it comes to Team Formal Occasion (particularly one that requires rehearsals!) i am likely to be found standing on my chair chanting something unpleasant. possibly swearing.
SO i may not be the world's biggest wedding fan, and my excessively expressive cartoon face means i may not be able to gush convincingly when customers talk about their plans for floral center pieces and matching fasinators. BUT what i can get excited about is stationery, yes indeed the temporary measure emporium is PRO STATIONERY. if it can be written about in a whimsical fashion and printed on card then we are fully on board.  


  1. Fab, fab, fab. I'm already married though. Shucks.

  2. well if you ever decide to do it again!! thanks sarah

  3. I remember that day. I cried because i thought id never be wed. Now i cry because i am. Ah the ever present state of the human condition. Hume was right.

  4. aaaargh! I'm famous! hahaha! so excited!
    Noel text me after visiting you today to check out your blog and I found this - blush!
    Love it!
    And the seating plan you made for us hangs proudly in our dining area. Everyone LOVED the invites, thank you cards, name cards etc etc. Was perfect :o)
    See you at Easter x

  5. ah thanks kim! now i'm blushing! YOU were perfect- in fact we are thinking of making all our new wedding commission couples pass The Noel And Kimberlie Test before we take them on. it's just a small questionnaire, and a short obstacle course and then a dance off. no biggy. x